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Quite a delightful play- anybody seen it? (Anybody want a peanut?)
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uhhh no you wench :( we are all not so gifted as you.....

I'm sorry, if it makes you feel better I restrained from posting on the other plays I saw, I'm just trying to get this community more active.

By the way, Brittany, I've been meaning to tell you- Broom Hilda was a comic in the 60s, which is awesome.
a hahahahahah
Side note- There's a new bagger at Albertson's. He has a long jet-black pony-tail and piercings. I've been going to Albertson's every day and he's always my bagger and we always give each other these looks that are like, "You're alternative and work at a grocery store and I may find you sorta attractive" "You're a cheerleader with a really dorky sunburn, but I may find you sorta attractive" least, that's my interpretation of them. We must go to Albertson's and get in his line so you can give me your opinion on these looks...okay, that was way too long and off-topic, but I thought you should know.
no he does like you 'cause that is actually me in disguise *licks lips* not rearry!!! but I can't wait to meet him and you meet austin
Gah, I want to meet Austin so bad. You probably wouldn't find this Albertson's guy attractive. I don't even find him attractive except when he looks in my eyes. I am such a sucker for that.
i think he's ex-hellgate. graduated two years ago... does stand-up comedy.

might be the same guy.
This guy's name is Jon (John?).
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